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Teissier makes it plain that she takes this "science" very seriously. The gist of her thesis, according to one sociologist who has read it, is: "[T]hat astrology is the victim of domination. That science, which is renamed 'official science' or 'monolithic thought', oppresses astrology. Teissier's thesis by the Sorbonne has created a great fuss in France, especially among professional sociologists, who apparently are not much taken with Mme. Teissier having described Max Weber, one of the revered founders of their discipline, as "a pragmatic Taurus.

Teissier is not speaking to the press. Further afield, India's large and prestigious scientific community is up in arms about a decision by that country's education authorities to create astrology departments in 24 public universities in the next academic year.

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At a time when India is building a reputation as a rising power in information technology, the official sanctioning of astrology would, says world-renowned astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar, take India "backwards to medieval times. It hardly needs saying, I hope, to a readership as intelligent as NR's that astrology is twaddle.

An astrologer can tell you nothing useful, though one with a good bedside manner can, of course, cheer you up a bit. The perfect emptiness of astrology has been demonstrated countless times. The Dutch investigator Rob Nanninga, for example, took seven subjects, extracted from them all the information necessary for an astrologer to make up a full horoscope, and gave that information to 50 astrologers. He then administered to the same seven subjects a set of questions, supplied by the astrologers themselves, about their personality and life experiences.

The completed questionnaires were passed to the astrologers, who were then asked to match horoscope to questionnaire. Their failure to do so was total: results were exactly what one would expect from a random pairing of horoscopes with questionnaires. Astrology is pure flapdoodle. Even if one did not know this from controlled experiments, one could deduce it from the results of applied astrology.

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The complete failure of astrologers to have anything useful to tell us was demonstrated rather dramatically on June 1st this year when Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal murdered most of that country's royal family. In common with many other leaders in third world countries, the Nepali royals had relied heavily on court astrologers to steer them through life's vicissitudes. One of these seers, interviewed after the event by a London newspaper, was clearly embarrassed by his inability to predict the massacre.

Who also teaches astrology at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan University. Joshi still has the day job, though: "His first task for the new monarch is to determine the most auspicious time for his crowning on Monday morning.

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Astrology anyway gives itself away by the company it keeps. Considered in isolation, astrology may be harmless piffle, but it travels with all the most poisonous and anti-social trends in contemporary thinking.

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  8. The odor that arises from current astrology propaganda is that of the post-modern "deconstruction of knowledge": the conceit that, hey, we can't really know anything, so one set of beliefs is as good as another. This agrees very nicely with the current fads about race and "multiculturalism" that are so busily eating away at our social cohesion. Peter died in and Rockie remained single the rest of her life.

    Rockie's astrology column, The Rockie Horoscope , first appeared in the L.

    Rockie Gardiner

    Weekly in Rockie typically wrote a general forecast for each weekday telling about the overall astrological influences and how they would affect a given day. She would also write a general forecast for the week ahead. These would be followed by weekly sign readings for the individual sun signs. Her columns were known for their humor and wit.

    She frequently included pop-culture references to celebrities, politics, professional sports and pop music. Rockie famously predicted that U. President Ronald Reagan would die in office and that George H. Bush would assume the position, as well as that Jesse Jackson would be a Vice-Presidential candidate.

    Sometimes, when she had not gotten around to updating her website, she would take down the old information and post the following message: "Rockie is soaking up atmosphere and astrological insight.

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