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Scorpio Strengths: resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend Weaknesses: distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent.

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Sagittarius Strengths: generous, idealistic, great sense of humor Weaknesses: promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic. Capricorn Strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers Weaknesses: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst. Aquarius Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof. Pisces Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr.

On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss.

We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, September 28, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolize new beginnings, and with t.

I spent the weekend with Aubrey Marcus, a wellness guru soothing the souls of modern men. In the beginning of the sixth book, Clement intends to demonstrate that the works of Greek poets were derived from the prophetic books of the Bible. In order to reinforce his position that the Greeks were inclined towards plagiarism, he cites numerous instances of such inappropriate appropriation by classical Greek writers, reported second-hand from On Plagiarism , an anonymous 3rd century BC work sometimes ascribed to Aretades. He espouses broadly universalist doctrine, holding that Christ's promise of salvation is available to all, even those condemned to hell.

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The final extant book begins with a description of the nature of Christ, and that of the true Christian, who aims to be as similar as possible to both the Father and the Son. Clement then criticizes the simplistic anthropomorphism of most ancient religions, quoting Xenophanes ' famous description of African, Thracian and Egyptian deities. The Christian is a "laborer in God's vineyard", responsible both for his own path to salvation and that of his neighbor. The work ends with an extended passage against the contemporary divisions and heresies within the church.

Besides the great trilogy, Clement's only other extant work is the treatise Salvation for the Rich , also known as Who is the Rich Man who is Saved? Having begun with a scathing criticism of the corrupting effects of money and misguided servile attitudes towards the wealthy, Clement discusses the implications of Mark It is more important to give up sinful passions than external wealth. If the rich man is to be saved, all he must do is to follow the two commandments , and while material wealth is of no value to God, it can be used to alleviate the suffering of our neighbor.

Other known works exist in fragments alone, including the four eschatological works in the secret tradition: Hypotyposes , Excerpta ex Theodoto , Eclogae Propheticae and the Adumbraetiones. Clement identifies them both as the "Eyes of the Lord" and with the Thrones. Even the protoctists can be elevated, although their new position in the hierarchy is not clearly defined. The commonest modern explanation is that the number seven is not meant to be taken literally, but has a principally numerological significance.

We know the titles of several lost works because of a list in Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History , 6. They include the Outlines , in eight books, and Against Judaizers. Others are known only from mentions in Clement's own writings, including On Marriage and On Prophecy , although few are attested by other writers and it is difficult to separate works which he intended to write from those which were actually completed.

The Mar Saba letter was attributed to Clement by Morton Smith , but there remains much debate today over whether it is an authentic letter from Clement, an ancient pseudepigraph or a modern forgery. Eusebius is the first writer to provide an account of Clement's life and works, in his Ecclesiastical History , 5. Photios I of Constantinople writes against Clement's theology in the Bibliotheca , although he is appreciative of Clement's learning and the literary merits of his work. Photios compared Clement's treatise, which, like his other works, was highly syncretic, featuring ideas of Hellenistic, Jewish and Gnostic origin, unfavorably against the prevailing orthodoxy of the 9th century.

As one of the earliest of the Church fathers whose works have survived, he is the subject of a significant amount of recent academic work, focusing on among other things, his exegesis of scripture, his Logos-theology and pneumatology, the relationship between his thought and non-Christian philosophy and his influence on Origen. Down to the seventeenth century Clement was venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

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His name was to be found in the martyrologies, and his feast fell on the fourth of December. Benedict XIV maintained this decision of his predecessor on the grounds that Clement's life was little known, that he had never obtained public cultus in the Church, and that some of his doctrines were, if not erroneous, at least suspect. Although Clement is not widely venerated in Eastern Christianity , the Prologue of Ohrid repeatedly refers to him as a saint [] [] , as do various Orthodox authorities including the Greek Metropolitan Kallinikos of Edessa.

The Coptic tradition considers Clement a saint. Clement is commemorated in Anglicanism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christian theologian. Catholic cult suppressed. Aquinas , Scotus , and Ockham. Renaissance and Modern. Adler G. Main article: Protrepticus Clement.


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Oxonii: e theatro Sheldoniano. Cohortatio ad gentes. Stromatum I-IV. Quis dives salvetur. Excerpta Theodoti. Prophetarum ecologiae. Klotz, Reinhold ed. Leipzig: E. Stromatorum I-IV. Migne, J. Stromata I-IV.

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Dindorf, Wilhelm ed. Clementis Alexandrini Opera , 4 vols. Oxonni: e typographeo Clarendoniano. Barnard, P. Mourdant ed. Clement of Alexandria, Quis dives salvetur. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Clemens Alexandrinus , 4 bds. Stromata I-VI. Excerpta ex Theodoto. Eclogae prophetica. Marcovich, Miroslav and Jacobus C.

Clementis Alexandrini Paedagogus. Leiden: Brill. Wilson, William trans. In Ante-Nicene Fathers , ed. Roberts, et al. Mourdant trans. London: SPCK. Hort, F. Mayor eds. London: Macmillan. Clement of Alexandria , Edinburgh: Wm. Exhortation to Endurance, or, To the Newly Baptized ; cf. Butterworth , ff. Butterworth, G. The Excerpta ex Theodoto of Clement of Alexandria. Studies and Documents 1. London: Christophers. Aqua New Moons are always fresh, sparky and bright with promising, liberating new emotional intent for the month ahead And on that note we just happen to have TWO sets of astrological lovers hooking up in the skies right now Love goddess Venus meets magical Neptune this week-active for several more days but exact tomorrow -and right on the back of a big, watery Full Moon So this can go either way.

We're feeling everything more acutely than ever; so anything that's building up recently in our emotional lives Venus not only loves being in Pisces -where she is exalted, but also join joins mystical Neptune, the South Node of spooky old memories, Chiron the healer and nearly catches up with her lover Mars on her journey through the watery Pisces realms of Pisces in the coming month -it's a magical mystery ride coming up for the goddess of love for sure.

So was a weirdo cracker of a year or what? But never fear, it's now and I think it just might be a good one New Moons are crisp, clean new energy and Capricorn is nothing if not a raw, crisply efficient attitude to get on with it already!

Little red tarot instagram

So we've had the seeds of some pretty major transformation in , and plenty of death in our collective zeitgeist read more. Thrillingly unexpected, but apt, crazy opportunities are liable to strike at any moment; and yes we grab them obviously Dialogues are about to get real nuts For the rest of the week we so feel the imperative to intrigue, beguile and stun each other with strange messages -ok but watch that fine line between kooky, cute little messages and full blown disastrous misunderstandings! Mars is all about the pursuit of our desires in full, macho assertive mode as an expression of the individual ego, and as such he can have a tricky time in the undifferentiated, oceanic realms of Pisces.

Mars is brazen and explicit about his needs. Pisces is subtle and elusive But on the other hand Saturn is firmly opposing this Moon; where there is a definite sense of getting our shizz together There are a number of astro influences going on, rather than one main focus so it feels like we're being pulled in disparate directions; but not really -they all point to drop the damn control freakery already and go with the grace of universal flow for a smoother ride Sag New Moons are always a chance to re-connect with any wilding, adventurous, freedom-loving spirit we've been neglecting lately and go fly free in whatever way best turns us on Viola, Full Moon in Taurus coming up, Full Moons are an opportunity to bring to a head any emotions brewing in the previous month and there's been a helluva lot recently!

But first, current affairs. I had a go at the male president elect in my recent Mars post, so I guess it's only fair I critique the female archetype in this politico scenario in a Venus post And lo and behold one of our most genuinely visionary, authentic, free thinking, stunning poets has just left us. RIP Leonard Cohen, a gentleman and scholar, a truly great artist who reminds us all to just get on with walking our talk Read more Mars rules, if not the actual patriarchy then certainly the 'masculine' imperative to go forth and conquer, wilfully assert and satisfy our desire nature and basically Boss it Up in the world.

And Aquarius does it with a maverick, unconventional, rebellious style for sure.

The horoscopes are ready to go here Read more Scorpio Moons always crack open our most authentic, primal source of personal power and help us to grab it, and direct it positively toward whatever fresh new transformations we're seeking in our life. The feminine principle of Venus really claims her wild, Artemesian, wilderness, untamed I am woman hear me roar aspect in Sag.

Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be Free. And not just a little bit loose Aries is the bold, brave, independent trailblazer of the zodiac; so a Full Moon here is a rising up of any emotional imperative we've been feeling lately to get out there, assert ourselves with healthy, self-assured moxy and initiate some bolshie new opportunities in our life already It's a banging chance to score some real traction, as we glide elegantly forward with tangible momentum and personal composure, grace and aplomb. We make art, love, good conversation with delightful panache; and looking glowingly gorgeous while we're at it.

It's a refreshed approach to lushed up, stylish Dolce Vita living. And this Moon is gloriously powered by optimistic, adventurous, expansive, positive, exuberant Jupiter. Mars into Capricorn today, after dithering in emo Scorpio and wildling Sagittarius all year, so it's finally back to business! Libidinous Mars in highly ambitious Capricorn is always a lust for success, with an excellent, bloody-minded willingness to work for it no matter what I've pointed out before that Venus is said to be in her 'detriment' in Scorpio, so it can be a tricky placement.

A friend of mine amusingly suggested there ought to be an actual support group for people with this placement natally; because it's just so bloody too-hot-to-handle, romantically intense And being an Eclipse and all only intensifies the buzz, obviously New Moons are always an opportunity to channel fresh new emotional energy through our lives, and this one is especially potent in this regard: It's in Virgo, where we love ditching any naff old ambiguous, emo baggage and scrubbing up for a cleaner, more efficient version of ourselves with pure intent and supremely focused pragmatism.

September is here and the scopes are up. It's a cracker of a month, and the only way through it is forward The Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st wakes us up to pay the fuq attention awareness of where we are. Jupiter into Libra from the 9th open our eyes to where we're going -hint, with Venus in also in Libra, then Scorpio, relationships, love and human interaction are becoming way more important Beauty, aesthetics, creative talent, art, charm, sparkling conversation, polished social skills and yes, high romance is our thing this coming month In love, it all begins with respect So we're totally excited to have Mars properly back in Sag for two whole months from tomorrow until late September.

We're SO ready to cut loose and get our exuberant, rollicking, outlaw, fuq-authority, adventurous moxy right on right now! Mars has been dithering around in the deep waters of Scorpio for fuqn ages, so its like a blast of oxygen to have the Warrior God into fiery Sag again; and of course the New Moon in fiery Leo is the ultimate blast of emotional heat and firepower. I mean it's pretty normal in Leo season to get onto our most beautifully brazen self belief on, and this month is no exception -the New Moon of the 3rd gets our moxy going nicely.

Lol I was just thinking how Venus hooking up with Mercury in the next few days, in passionate Leo, is technically ace for some gorgeously genuine warmth in our romantic dialogues. But then on a raging Full Moon in bossy Capricorn, things can also err to the bombastic side of Leo pretty fast too Full Moons are always a chance to get in touch with our best, instinctual moxy and in Capricorn it's pretty earthy, pragmatic stuff -so we're wanting to channel our best gut intuition in tangible, effective ways, the better to make the savviest life choices we can this week.

It's time to be attuned to our wild playfulness and animal cunning -and stay sharp about it!

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Venus loves a bit of self expression -whether romantic, creative, artistic etc and Leo is all about this; especially if there's a bit of show-off, performance, drama queen energy involved! In her capacity as goddess of love, Venus in Leo wants her romance gloriously passionate, extravagantly attentive Read more New Moons are always a fresh sense of connection with whatever we're really feeling about life, and in Cancer the Moon is at her luminous best, where we're bound to be emotionally authentic no matter what Mars in storm phase recently has had us struggling with our primal desires, and perhaps tempted to overanalyse things in order to avoid our true, pressing needs cos they're just too real?

This Moon brings us back to our truth pronto. All those lessons in self-mastery we've been struggling with? We're now ready to put into practice and roar forward Read more. Ok that would be now! Full Moons tend to bring up, reveal and allow us to release any emotional material we've been holding onto all month. So we had a go at expressing our fult-tilt restlessness, dont-give-a-fuq Read more. Venus in Gemini recently has been a bit of fun, game-on flirty repartee in love and dextrous multi-tasking in our creative endeavours which is fun and all.

But it might be nice to bring our emotional, instinctual intelligence back to the fore, and navigate some lovely, sensitive, nurturing awareness for a while, now that Venus is shining in her dreamy lunar aspect To the extent that New Moons are a rush of fresh energy, and a nice clean emotional reset for the month, it's lovely that this one is in airy, intelligent Gemini with Venus on board, and grounded by Saturn in it's opposite sign.

And it's a pretty amazing month We have lucky Jupiter perfecting a conjunction with the magical Destiny Point, which has been brewing all year! We've been wanting to grab our fate with both hands, get our groove on properly and realise some meaningful, life-path accomplishments for for a while now; and June is our big chance to walk our talk on that We're not taking things literally right now; we're playing around with future possibilities and delighting in the multi-faceted nature of personal interaction New Moons are always a powerful rush of new energy with which to press the 'refresh' button on whatever's been going down lately, and step forward with freshly renewed clarity, intention and momentum in our lives.

And in Taurus the energy is kinaesthetic! We can expect some pretty tangible developments if we stay focused in the next few days And the love goddess LOVES this; where she gets right into the physical reality of her most lush, sensual, palpable appetite for pleasure and healthy, luxuriant comfortability in her own skin -and so do we. The god of wit, ideas and breezy communication backwards in the most earthy, literal-minded sign of all? Well it's one of those years when the gods are apparently calling the beautiful ones back home-for who knows what brilliant adventures amongst the stars Vale Prince x I don't have much to add to all the heartfelt obituaries posted today; more that I have been struck how many people have been moved by Prince, in their formative years, to more fully express their wild creativity, sexual confidence and own their sense of 'difference' from whatever mainstream crap by his glorious read more.

Full Moon in Scorpio coming up, 3. Full Moons tend to release any emotions that have been building up during the month, and especially the really pent up feelings can sometimes can come bursting through quite dramatically-hence the whole howling at the Full Moon thing. And the Scorpio Full Moon can be particularly volatile in this regard; it's like our annual big chance to get in touch with our real desires and primal emo truth- read more And Sag is impatient, so boy do we rage and throw god-awful tantrums when we don't get it on time!

There's Saturn square Neptune squashing delusions all over the place, and our most cherished illusions are so often the idealised, soul-matey romantic ones, yes? And Neptune loves a dreamy, completely unrealistic, complex soulmate scenario And here's why: Read more. Venus rocks into Aries 2. admin